Grease Trap Cleaning

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Salt Lake City, UT Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Cleaning grease traps is no easy task, however leaving fatty waste in the grease trap for too long can cause problems. You need to hire only the best people who have the right experience and skills to ensure a thorough and long-lasting clean. 

Hood Clean Pros is the local expert cleaning team you need for a complete grease trap cleaning. When you work with our cleaners, we guarantee that your restaurant will receive: 

  • Honest grease cleaning service.
  • Reliable, fast, and affordable cleaning.
  • Vast experience in restaurant cleaning.

Hood Clean Pros has a long-standing reputation of giving excellent grease trap cleaning services to the restaurants of Salt Lake City. Talk with our staff and get a free grease trap cleaning estimate. 


Grease Trap Cleaning

Salt Lake City Restaurant Sanitizing Experts

Grease cleaning is a task you cannot ever forget about. Solidified grease will clog the water pipes and so regular grease cleaning and disposal are necessary. 


What will happen when you neglect to clean your restaurant kitchen grease trap?


  • It might cause clogging.
  • The bad odor may be distracting for both staff and customers.
  • Repairing the grease trap will be more costly.


Whether you need help pressure washing the drains or getting rid of the accumulated grease and food debris, our qualified professionals can help you. Our restaurant grease trap cleaning procedures include:


  • Cleaning the grease trap device.
  • Removing the food debris and scraps from the grease trap basin.
  • Scraping the grease trap filter to eliminate sticky accumulated dirt and grease

Grease Trap Pumping

Salt Lake City UT is known for its iconic dishes including barbecues, burgers, and chicken-fried steaks. All of these will produce FOG, or fat, oil, and grease, that is contained in the grease traps. 


Over time, the fatty waste, grease, and sludge will make the grease trap malfunction. If the grease trap compartments are not pumped, the grease will overflow and cause widespread damage. If this is left unchecked and unclean, regulators can impose fines on your restaurant.


When you hire Hood Clean Pros, we will take into consideration the following:


  • The capacity of the plumbing fixtures and grease trap device.
  • The intensity of cooking done in the restaurant.
  • The types of cooking oil and grease used in preparing food.
  • The size of the grease trap device.


Sometimes restaurant owners underestimate the importance of routine cleaning of the grease traps, but Hood Clean Pros will pump the grease out of the pipes and show you just how much smoother your kitchen runs afterward.

Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Health officials in Salt Lake City, UT requires that restaurants conduct kitchen regular cleaning and maintenance. That involves clearing the grease trap system. Failure to comply can cause loss of money, reputation, and business. 


    Grease trap maintenance is vital to ensure a squeaky clean and pest-free restaurant kitchen. There are many advantages to deep cleaning the kitchen sink grease trap.


    • A safe and healthy restaurant and kitchen environment.
    • Eco-friendly FOG removal and disposal.
    • Avoid penalties for failing inspections.
    • A highly functioning grease trap system.


    At Hood Clean Pros, we believe in providing the best grease trap cleaning in Salt Lake City and will ensure that your grease trap is spotless from top to bottom.

A Full-Service Grease Trap Cleaning Company Near You


Professional technicians and trained local cleaners are essential to clean grease traps. At Hood Clean Pros, we provide Salt Lake City with the unbeatable grease trap cleaning service you need.


Most commercial grease traps require deep cleaning at least once a month. As a local restaurant cleaning company:


  • We have the latest grease pumping trucks.
  • We offer the best grease trap cleaning services.
  • We use the most efficient grease interceptor cleaning technique.
  • We are equipped with a wide variety of vacuum systems.


Proudly based in Salt Lake City, UT, we have been helping customers for years maintain clean and virus-free kitchens that pass any inspection. 


Hood Clean Pros will guarantee your restaurant will continue producing the best dishes!


Get in touch with us. Our experts will quickly respond and send you the grease trap cleaning estimate you need via email.