Hood Cleaning Service

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Top-Notch Salt Lake City Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service

Hood Clean Pros is a Salt Lake City restaurant cleaning company that offers comprehensive exhaust hood cleaning. Our professional hood cleaners have handled cleaning all types of exhaust systems. To work with our team, or to receive more information, call our office.

As per the fire codes being enforced in Utah, all establishments operating with commercial kitchen exhaust hoods must follow proper cleaning and maintenance. This is to safeguard the public from any safety, health, or fire risks.

Hood Clean Pros is your go-to when it comes to hood cleaning services in Salt Lake City. 

  • We will get rid of the smoke
  • We will remove grease and dirt
  • We will eliminate bad odor


All we need is some basic information about your kitchen or exhaust hood cleaning needs, and then we can provide a cleaning estimate. Give Hood Clean Pros a call to get insights and more information.

Hood Cleaning Service

Hood Clean Pros Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service

Every business owner wants their operation to run as smoothly as possible. When it comes to restaurants, the continuous operation could be hindered by a malfunctioning exhaust hood system. Hood Clean Pros offers business owners in Salt Lake City the best kitchen exhaust cleaning. 


  • Safe exhaust hood cleaning service
  • Efficient exhaust cleaning methods
  • An experienced restaurant cleaning crew


The whole Hood Clean Pros team is focused on giving our customers the best and hassle-free experience. Check out the exhaust cleaning services we have below.

Exhaust hood body

Inside the hood, are components such as the grease filter, fans, and the power motor are placed inside the hood body which must be cleaned constantly. Our cleaning crew knows how to properly clean the mechanical components of the hood body. We will ensure that it is cleaned without causing damage to the control system.

Hood system control

Keeping the hood system control clean is essential to keep the exhaust hood functioning. Hood Clean Pros will carefully remove residues or particles from the hood system to ensure that the cleaning solutions we use will not affect its function.

Motor power and exhaust fans

Grease vapors are expelled from the kitchen area and through the ducts and vents using the exhaust fan. Sticky dirt or blockage on the motor power and exhaust fan could damage the whole exhaust hood system. We have the proper treatment that will clear the clog and remove any thick dirt on the fans.

Grease filters

One of the most important parts of an exhaust hood system is its grease filter which is designed to capture food debris, residues, fumes, and particles. Our team of expert cleaners has the right cleaning tools to remove dirt and grease from the exhaust hood filters.

Exhaust hood lighting

Another crucial part of the entire exhaust hood system that is beneficial for cooks is the exhaust hood lighting. This component is installed over the stove or cooktop and makes the cooking of meals efficient. Our team will ensure that the hood lighting is cleaned and ready to brighten your kitchen once again.

Exhaust hood ductwork

Although there are kinds of exhaust hood systems that are ductless, those that have must undergo regular cleaning. The ductwork works to recirculate fresh air into the kitchen and extract the heat and polluted air out. Hood Clean Pros have extensive experience cleaning all types of ductwork, so you can count on our professional kitchen cleaning team.

Exhaust hinge kits

Other components of an exhaust hood system that we can clean include the hinge kit. Yes, even the locks of the exhaust hood can get dirty too, and you are in luck because we can clean the dirt out of hinge kits too.

If you need more details or specifics on our kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services in Salt Lake City, UT, give us a call.