Restaurant Cleaning Service

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Salt Lake City Restaurant Cleaning Service With Hood Clean Pros

Why spend money on professional Utah restaurant cleaning services? A commercial cleaning company will get rid of the mess, stains, and grime that is making your restaurant look gross.

Hood Clean Pros offers proper cleaning and maintenance to make sure your restaurant does not display health and safety risks. At Hood Clean Pros, we mean serious business. We do not cut quality performance for cheap cleaning.


  • We help reduce safety hazards
  • We eliminate bacteria and germ buildup
  • We help create an inviting restaurant environment


Food establishments need to have high ratings. Make sure that the interior and exterior of your restaurant are up to standards. Get in touch with our professional cleaning company today.

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Types Of Salt Lake City Restaurants We Service

Hood Clean Pros provides restaurant cleaning services for all kinds of food establishments. We do bars & grills, seafood restaurants, fast food chains, Mexican restaurants, and others. Whatever restaurant genre it is, our commercial kitchen cleaning services are available to fulfill your kitchen cleaning needs.

restaurant cleaning service

Restaurant Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Our Utah commercial kitchen cleaning services will guarantee that all surfaces in your restaurant from the dining area to the dirty kitchen are cleaned and disinfected. Hood Clean Pros cleaners have one goal and that is to get the job right the first time, so you can continue providing service to your customers.


The Hood Clean Pros team will handle the cleaning of your restaurant, prepare the areas and surfaces, and waste no time. So that you have an idea of what to expect from what our restaurant cleaning services entail. 

Countertop And Food Prep Area Cleaning

Every kitchen countertop could be sprawling with germs and bacteria from all the bits of food debris and dirt that have been accumulating there over weeks and months. Hood Clean Pros guarantees a thorough cleaning job. Using our eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we will keep all the surfaces in your kitchen clean for the next busy shift.

You cannot leave your restaurant’s windows to just any kitchen cleaning company in Salt Lake City. Choose a company that has experience in cleaning windows correctly and can provide the exceptional results you are looking for. 

Hood Clean Pros is ready to step in and help  your business. Commercial window cleaning is one of the services we are proud to offer. The majority of our customers are scheduled weekly or monthly to guarantee that their restaurant windows are spotless.

You will never have to be distressed about streaky windows. Hood Clean Pros offers the following:

Weekly window cleaning service

Suggested for food establishments with high foot traffic. We will clean all windows including those in the entryways and lobby.

Monthly window cleaning service

Preferred for restaurants with a medium volume of foot traffic. Our team will clean all windows using eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Semi-monthly window cleaning service

This cleaning service is done at least six times a year for restaurants that are indoors or in malls.

Quarterly window cleaning service

This service is done at least four times per year for food establishments that are either indoors or away from the busy streets. Our professional cleaning crew will handle all the windows and completely get rid of smudges.

restaurant cleaning service

There is so much put into cleaning a restaurant’s flooring. Making sure the flooring is clean and safe will increase the curb appeal of your establishment to customers. It is important you hire a professional restaurant floor cleaning company. 

There is a variety of commercial flooring that we can clean and help make look immaculate.

Concrete floor cleaning

restaurant cleaning service
  • Concrete floor cleaning

A concrete floor is an ideal option for restaurants since it can resist damage and stains. Our restaurant cleaning team has the right cleaning solutions and kitchen cleaning techniques that will remove the stains and polish the floor.

  • Hardwood floor cleaning

Hardwood flooring is a classic option for food establishments. It is timeless and offers a great design aesthetic. However, maintaining it is not that easy. The planks could get stained and become discolored without correct cleaning. That is why hiring professional cleaners is necessary.

  • Vinyl floor cleaning

Many business owners also opt for vinyl flooring since it is cost-efficient. Although it may be durable and requires low maintenance, it should be kept clean all the time. Our cleaning team in Utah will help ensure its surface is safe and clean to walk on.

  • Carpet floor cleaning

If you want to make your restaurant look and feel cozy, the carpet floors must be cleaned. It may seem difficult to remove drink and food spills on carpets, but our expert restaurant cleaners can do it. We will make the carpet soft and help enhance the ambiance.

  • Laminated floor cleaning

A laminated floor is an awesome option to improve the restaurant experience without having to spend so much, which is why it is popular among business establishments. We have the team with the right experience to clean spills and stains from this type of flooring.

  • Tile floor cleaning

Most commercial spaces use tile flooring and for great reason. It is water-resistant and low maintenance. Hood Clean Pros have dealt with many tile floor cleaning projects, and we can guarantee satisfactory results.

Work With Hood Clean Pros

Our team can walk you through the process and keep you informed every step of the way to ensure that your desired results are met. When you sign up for our restaurant and kitchen cleaning services, we can discuss and develop personalized restaurant cleaning services for your specific needs. 


Have peace of mind knowing that your cleaning requirements are being met by professional kitchen cleaners. Call us today.