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Expert Wood Burning Stove Cleaning and Maintenance in Salt Lake City

Are you looking for a service that provides professional wood burning stove cleaning and maintenance? At Hood Clean Pros, we understand the significance of keeping stoves in tip-top condition for optimal performance and for the safety for your staff and customers. Our team of Salt Lake City expert technicians and hood cleaners are prepared to provide the comprehensive cleaning solutions you need.


Keeping a safe and efficient wood burning stove is important, but it is not an easy task. Get in touch with Hood Clean Pros to learn more about the steps you need to ensure the safe use of a wood burning stove.

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Our Salt Lake City Wood Burning Stove Services Steps

Keeping a wood burning stove at its best is crucial to ensure safety during use. At Hood Clean Pros, we offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance solutions provided by trained technicians who have advanced knowledge of the practices that will leave your stove pristine inside and out!

  • Interior surface cleaning

Keeping the interior surface clean helps prevent the accumulated ash and dirt from blocking proper airflow and causing combustion, as well as results in increased performance and minimized risks. Hood Clean Pros will meticulously remove the residues and ash that have accumulated inside the stove.

  • Chimney and flue cleaning

The chimney and flue system of the stove play a crucial role in the optimal performance. These components facilitate the passage of smoke and gas when the wood burning stove is in use and ensure there is enough air supply, reducing the likelihood of flammables getting stuck in one area which can cause accidents and risks of fire. Immediate action such as cleaning is essential to avoid  increasing risks.

  • Gasket inspection and replacement

The gaskets in the wood burning stove are vital components. The gasket seals the stove and prevents air leaks. Hood Clean Pros will perform a gasket inspection to see any signs of damage or need for replacement. Cleaning, repair, or replacement of the gasket ensures the wood burning stove is sealed, which will also avoid energy wastage.

  • Glass door cleaning

Restoring the visibility of the wood burning stove glass door is another vital step to keeping the entire system functioning. It is part of the exterior cleaning that will keep everything nice to look at as well as keeping the oven clean and safe. A clean glass door will allow you to see what is happening inside and if there are risks that need to be dealt with. 

  • Ash pan cleaning

The ash pan collects the ashes in place and makes it easier to clean up. Emptying the ash pan diligently helps keep the wood burning stove operating with maximum efficiency, so our technicians will ensure there is no trace of ash in the pan.


Our wood burning stove cleaning steps aim to prioritize the efficiency and safety of the equipment, especially during its use. Hood Clean Pros will ensure that your wood burning stove remains in top-notch condition.

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Benefits of Proper Salt Lake City Wood Burning Stove Maintenance

Keeping your wood burning stove in excellent condition has many advantages. Some of the reasons include:


  • Minimize the risks of fire, accidents, dangers, and other hazards

The accumulated soot and creosote significantly increase the risks of fire and hazards. Not cleaning this regularly helps the byproducts to build up and clog the chimney which can result in health incidents for both your staff and customers. Having routine cleaning and maintenance for the wood burning stove will help make it safer.

  • Extend the wood burning stove’s lifespan and use

Routine cleaning of the wood burning stove will help extend its lifespan and save you from expensive and preventable repairs. The soot and creosote that are left uncleaned in the wood burning stove will speed up its deterioration and require part replacements to resolve. Prompt cleaning and maintenance of the wood burning stove will slow the wear and tear of the components.

  • Improve efficiency during operations

A clean wood burning stove will ensure minimal energy wastage. But, if the wood burning stove is left uncleaned with the soot and creosote inside, achieving peak efficiency will be difficult. If you want to improve efficiency during use, the wood burning stove must be maintained regularly.

  • Increase health and safety protection

Clean wood burning stoves produce fewer emissions and help minimize carbon monoxide leaks, leaving the environment safer for everyone. Carbon monoxide poisoning is life-threatening, however, it is difficult to detect since it is a colorless and odorless gas. Professional kitchen cleaning services are essential to ensuring the health of your staff is protected.


If you have questions regarding our wood burning stove cleaning or want to get a free wood burning stove cleaning estimate, contact Hood Clean Pros. Our kitchen cleaning company will provide all the essential details you need before making a decision.

Experts in Kitchen Hood Cleaning and Wood Burning Stove Maintenance 

Hood Clean Pros understand that in a commercial kitchen, the equipment is the heart that keeps everything working, so we are passionate about ensuring each appliance and equipment remains clean and safe to use. With our years of experience as a professional hood cleaning company, we are committed to delivering unparalleled kitchen cleaning solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.


Our skilled technicians will utilize our best experience, tools, and knowledge to provide high-quality kitchen cleaning services. We promise to leave no corner untouched and no equipment surface squeaky clean. But more than keeping your kitchen and equipment sparkling, we also focus on keeping everything sanitized and bacteria-free.


Customer satisfaction is important to us, so you can expect Hood Clean Pros to go the extra mile to achieve the results our clients expect to get.

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