Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

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Salt Lake City Commercial Equipment Cleaning 

The kitchen appliances will determine the flow of kitchen operation. Malfunctioning or gross restaurant equipment can greatly affect the efficiency of food preparation. A Salt Lake City kitchen appliance cleaning will help you avoid future disasters.


Cleaning commercial appliances are not an exciting task. In fact, it is a daunting task and quite overwhelming. But every restaurant in Salt Lake City must adhere to fire and safety regulations which include keeping the kitchen area and kitchen equipment clean and safe to use.

With the fire and safety codes to put in mind, keeping the kitchen grease-free is important. You need to reassess whether your kitchen appliances need deep cleaning today. Call Hood Clean Pros to discuss your cleaning needs.

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Why Work Hood Clean Pros

It is crucial to hire a professional cleaning company to get quality performance and prevent going over budget. Hood Clean Pros can get you the result you desire. 

  • Planning is the key

Our team of expert cleaners will plan the whole kitchen appliance cleaning to minimize your stress and keep on the budget.

  • Consider the type of commercial appliances

We have handled all types of kitchen appliances. Once we get to your business, we will assess each appliance or equipment and recommend the best cleaning approach.

  • Appliance cleaning stage

After our team of skilled restaurant cleaners comes up with the best kitchen appliance cleaning method for your business, we will proceed to the appliance cleaning stage.


To prevent any risks in your kitchen, Hood Clean Pros will design an exhaustive list of kitchen appliance cleaning essentials to help make your kitchen area more efficient. 

Professional Cleaning Services in Utah

The kitchen cleaning services we offer will ensure that your appliances are kept orderly and squeaky clean. Below are what we can provide our customers and the entire community of Salt Lake City, UT.

Restaurant Freezer And Refrigeration Cleaning

Commercial refrigeration and freezers are high-contact kitchen appliances. It is often used and exposed to dust, dirt, and bacteria. Hood Clean Pros will disinfect the freezers and use food-safe detergent for the interior and exterior, including the handles, shelves, and compartments.

equipment cleaning
equipment cleaning

Restaurant Grill Cleaning in Salt Lake City, UT

Commercial kitchen overs are used to broil, bake, and roast food ingredients. It is a piece of appliance that should be regularly cleaned. For the best cleaning results, work with Hood Clean Pros. We can have handled various kinds of ovens from standard oven, conveyor oven, to deck ovens. 


Whatever your scenario, Hood Clean Pros will find the best cleaning approach to make your barbecue sparkling clean. We will remove all the grime and grease and use the cleaning hacks we have on our sleeves to make your BBQ a free anything that could contaminate the food.

Restaurant Stove Top Cleaning

Professional chefs would appreciate it if the restaurant stovetops are clean and safe to use. It will make their job efficiently. As a restaurant owner or manager, you must entrust the cleaning process for restaurant stovetops to expert kitchen cleaners.

Restaurant Toaster, Food Processor, And Blender Cleaning

Meat grinders, toasters, coffee makers, and blenders are common kitchen equipment found in restaurants. Our cleaning crew offers regular cleaning and maintenance for these kinds of devices. So, if you are searching for trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Utah, get in touch with us.

equipment cleaning
Restaurant Oven Cleaning

Bar and grills use grilling sets all the time. Other types of restaurants have charcoal or gas grills too. And when cleaning this type of kitchen equipment, you should only trust a restaurant cleaning company that has extensive experience with hood cleaning and equipment cleaning.

Contact Our Utah Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Company

Restaurant kitchens often accumulate grease and residues that hinder the efficiency of the chefs and staff. As the trusted cleaning company in Salt Lake City, we can promise a positive experience. 


At Hood Clean Pros, we focus on giving our customers their desired cleaning results. And so, we will make the kitchen appliances clean from the inside and out, and even get to areas that are unnoticed. 


Contact us at 385-375-7587 to talk with our cleaning expert and get more specifics about the services we have.