Other Services: Install Hinge Kits, Fan Repair

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Salt Lake City Hinge Kit Installation and Fan Repair

At Hood Clean Pros, our team of trained local hood cleaners and expert technicians will beat your expectations with our state-of-the-art hinge kit installation and fan repair service.

We are determined to help Salt Lake City maintain safe and hazard-free restaurants.

Hood Clean Pros was founded on a vision to change the way people approach kitchen maintenance and repairs. Our full-service kitchen cleaning and maintenance is designed to suit the individual needs of the restaurant. 

  • Safe hinge kit installation service.
  • Quality fan repair service.
  • Outstanding kitchen cleaning service.

Our installation, repair, and maintenance services exist to help restaurants pass any inspections. Give Hood Clean Pros a call to request a free hinge kit installation or fan repair quote.

Other Services Install Hinge Kits, Fan Repair

Bring Your Exhaust and Hood System Up to Code

Hood Clean Pros ensures that its client’s restaurants are compliant with both national and local codes, including the NFPA Standard-96, which regulates the reliability and safety of the kitchen vents.


As hinge kits and exhaust fans are essential parts of a kitchen exhaust hood system, you can rest assured Hood Clean Pros will help you install and maintain your vent system to regulatory standards.

Salt Lake City, UT to Install Hinge Kits

A hinged exhaust fan is easier to maintain, repair, or replace. With a hinge kit, the risks of parts getting damaged or causing accidents are eliminated. 

An exhaust fan that is not hinged can become a big problem such as premature damage to the roof, exhaust fan, and motor housing. You might even encounter troubles with your insurance company. 

What are the risks of not installing a hinge kit to your exhaust system?


  • It will be harder to check and assess if the system or fan is broken. 
  • It contributes to the mess in the kitchen since the exhaust system is not functioning fully.
  • The exhaust fan will be damaged and will be costly to repair.
  • You will be violating the NFPA standard.
  • You will be exposing your staff and customers to risks.


There are a few types of hinge kits for exhaust systems, all of which Hood Clean Pros are familiar with. We have extensive experience installing L-bar hinge kits, drip lock hinge kits, and Omni super hinges.


Installing a hinge kit is necessary for the functioning of your restaurant. You can trust our professional installers and technicians to give high-quality results.

Exhaust Fan Repair in Salt Lake City UT

Kitchen exhaust fans help eliminate dirty and muggy air as well as remove unwanted odor, smoke, and other pollutants. As a restaurant owner, one of your worst-case scenarios would be the exhaust fan failing and leaving your restaurant vulnerable to these pollutants. 


A broken exhaust fan will not efficiently remove excess moisture and fumes in the kitchen, and as a result, you and your staff might be uncomfortable working in the kitchen area. If you begin seeing these signs, call the professionals immediately.

install hinge kits
  • The kitchen is filled with smoke and unwanted odor.
  • The exhaust motor is  making loud noises.
  • There is a power issue related to the exhaust system.
  • The exhaust fan is spinning slowly and then speeds up.
  • There are grinding noises and unpleasant sounds coming from the fan.


Hood Clean Pros can help diagnose your exhaust fan and resolve problems using our exhaust fan repair services. 


When you decide to choose our exhaust fan repair service, here is what you can expect from Hood Clean Pros:


  • Full inspection of the exhaust hood system and fans prior to the repair.
  • Ensure the exhaust system is installed correctly and following the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Use the best methods to repair, replace, or maintain the exhaust fan.
  • Provide complete information to customers on the repair process and maintenance.


Do you need a professional Salt Lake City technician? Call us for a diagnosis and repair of your kitchen exhaust fan. 

other services: install hinge kits, fan repair

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