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Food preparation in the kitchen is continuous when you own a restaurant. The vaporized grease made from all the cooking goes to the hood ventilation system. If not regularly cleaned, it will lead to damage and contamination of the airways. The kitchen hood ventilation system is intricate. One of the most common pieces that business owners forget to clean is the rooftop grease containment system. 


It’s easy for a business owner or property management company to turn their back on the rooftop grease containment system. After all, it’s outside the building and not visible to the public. But if you don’t have this containment system cleaned, then you’ll run the risk of it overflowing onto the roof and deteriorating it at that.


And so, businesses must ensure that the rooftop grease containment system is clean. If you don’t take care of the rooftop area, then you’ll need to make roof repairs or complete roof replacement. The choice is yours.


Hire Hood Clean Pros for a professional Utah rooftop grease containment cleaning and maintenance.

  • We have passionate hood cleaners in Salt Lake City
  • Our restaurant cleaning company is known to provide the best cleaning services
  • Our team of skilled and professional cleaners take the job seriously
  • The priority of Hood Clean Pro is to make the customers satisfied
  • We offer customized rooftop grease containment solutions


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Rooftop Grease Containment

Why You Need A Rooftop Grease Containment System Cleaning

  • Required by national regulations

A kitchen hood system is required by national regulations for keeping establishments safe and clean. So, hopefully, this is good enough to convince you to hire professionals to clean and maintain your entire hood ventilation system.

  • Protect your establishment from any damage

Another common reason to get the rooftop containment cleaned is to prevent oil spills from damaging the structure of the building. Overflowing oils will damage the roof and even the exterior of the building. This is something that the local fire department, insurance companies, and even lease managers will inspect.


  • Reduce possible safety hazards

Properly containing fat, oil, and grease will greatly decrease the likelihood of safety hazards. Though many restaurant owners or property managers undermine the negative impact of leaving rooftop grease untreated, you would not want anything to hinder your operations.

  • Protect the environment from the chemical hazards

The rooftop grease produced in your establishment could be causing environmental dangers you may not be aware of. Grease runoff that enters the sewer or water lines poses tremendous dangers to the entire community. Besides facing penalties, leaving oil spills uncleaned create health risks and endangers wildlife.

  • Reduce the likelihood of starting a fire

Fire in commercial kitchens tends to be caused by grease and oil lingering in the ductwork and grease containment system. Hiring professional kitchen cleaners will eliminate your worries of experiencing devastating electrical short or fire

Cleaning Restaurant Grease Traps In Utah

Grease filter cleaning is what Hood Clean Pros do. We are experts in grease hood cleaning and are trusted by local businesses. We provide cleaning services for the whole rooftop containment system.


  • Inlet pipes
  • Outlet pipes
  • Manhole frame and covers
  • Clean out caps
  • Vents


Rooftop grease traps are typically just the size of a small box or mini-fridge. But the sizing can vary depending on the establishment. Our kitchen hood cleaners have helped customers clean grease traps between 10 gallons to 500 gallons.

How Much Does Rooftop Grease Cleaning Costs

Our rooftop grease containment service price is based on numerous factors and processes needed to ensure that the system is completely cleaned.

  • Type of equipment

There are different types of kitchen cleaning equipment that can be used to clean and maintain grease traps. Hood Clean Pros have the right tools and equipment to get rid of fats, oil, and grease in the rooftop grease containment.

  • Size of the grease trap

Without the right grease guard measurement, you could be overpaying for the service. At Hood Clean Pro, we will ensure that we will cover the rooftop containment system at a fair price.

  • Install location of the grease containment system

Another factor that we consider is where the grease trap is located. Once we get an idea of where the system is, we will be able to come up with the right approach and cleaning supplies.

Are You Ready To Work With Hood Clean Pros

Connecting with our expert hood cleaners is easy. With simple steps, we can help figure out how to help your business.

  • Get in touch with our Hood Clean Pros cleaning professionals
  • Tell in detail what your restaurant cleaning service needs are
  • Provide details about your rooftop containment system including its size and material
  • Discuss with our representative the best kitchen cleaning method
  • Receive a rooftop cleaning estimate or project costing

Hood Clean Pros aims to help Salt Lake City businesses be free of hazards from grease traps. Our kitchen exhaust cleaning is the go-to for most restaurant clients. To learn more or inquire about how our Utah restaurant grease cleaning services work, call us.

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